23/5: Leading spots (Spring workshop & practice)

En ny kurs Workshops in Lindy Hop and practice ges vid tre tillfällen; torsdagar 9/5, 16/5 och 23/5.

Den här kursen ges på engelska. Efter varje kurstillfälle finns ett gratis träningstillfälle för Air Swings alla medlemmar, 20:00-21:30.
Kursledare: Zsuzsi.

Anmälan till kursen görs på kurssidan.

Three-occasion workshop and practice class 18:30-21:30 on Thursdays 9, 16 and 23 of May (all included in this course).

18:30-20:00 Lindy Hop lesson on different topics:
9/5: Partner stealing. You will experience the polite way to steal a partner in couples and in circle on the social dance floor. Possibly we will play with sending our partners to each other.
16/5: Let’s hesitate! A simple but useful step to variate your usual movements.
23/5: Leading spots. There are more ways to connect our partner than just the contacts on hands and the back. We will try out different connection types that can lead to funny variations.

20:00-21:30 Practice class for all members of Linköping Air Swing with the opportunity to ask teachers and perfect time to try out the previous lesson’s material. On the first class we learn stealing and our purpose is to train it in a jam circle on every practice session.